Taking Charge: Leone Hermans-Blackburn Heads Up The PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center
Dr. Leone Hermans-Blackburn answers questions about her new role as Executive Director and and the next phase of development for the Center in the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Spring TEQ Edition.

Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center a Guest on TechVibe Radio
Dr. Leone Hermans-Blackburn the Executive Director of the Center sits down with Audrey Russo and Johnathan Kersting of the Pittsburgh Technology Council's TechVide and talks about the Center.

Pennsylvania's Nanotech Players Pursuing Giga-Scale Impact
This summer, when you’re lounging poolside, you can slather your skin in sunscreen that blocks harmful rays without leaving a whitish film. Or if you’re viewing the water from your high-rise, beachfront hotel, you can look out a window kept clean with a thin coating.

These are just two breezy examples of nanotechnology’s growing ubiquity. Work on the nanoscale – that is, with components that could be smaller than a strand of DNA -- is also kicking into high gear across Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commerciailization Center Receives $638K From BFTDA
The PA Nano Center received $638,900 to assist small and startup companies with early stage prototype development projects. The PA Nano Center plans to develop an interactive networking platform to showcase emerging nanotechnology developments to Pennsylvania companies.

Portfolio News

RJ Lee Group Publish Article on Nanotechnology in International Journal of Pharmceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology
Three scientists at RJ Lee Group, Inc., an industrial forensic laboratory and consulting firm headquartered in Monroeville, PA, co-authored an article on the integration of nanotechnology that will be published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology.

Penn State Nanotechnology Program Highlighted in White House Report
Penn State's efforts in nanotechnology education and workforce development were highlighted in a recent report to U.S. President Barack Obama and Congress. The document, titled "Report to the President and Congress on the Fourth Assessment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative," was prepared by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).

Christophe Ramstein Named President and CEO of Strategic Polymers, Inc.
Strategic Polymers, Inc., the world’s source of Electro‐Mechanical Polymer actuators, today announced the appointment of Dr. Christophe Ramstein as President and CEO. Ramstein is a known authority and driving force in the haptic industry with two decades of experience bringing haptic solutions to market. He replaces Ralph Russo who has served as President and CEO of Strategic Polymers since 2006. Mr. Russo, co‐founder of SPS, becomes chairman of the Board replacing co‐founder Qiming Zhang. Dr. Zhang takes on the role of scientific advisor.

General Nanotechnology News

Hong Koo Kim Research Group Proposes Switch From Silicon Electronics Back To Vacuum As A Medium For Electron Transport
The University of Pittsburgh solution could help solve one of the difficulties chip designers will face in trying to extend “Moore's Law,” the name given to the ability of the number of transistors on integrated circuits to double every two years.

Lock Haven University, Harrisburg University Step Up Respective Nanotechnology Initiatives
Two weeks ago, Keystone Edge contributor Rebecca VanderMeulen wrote about Pennsylvania's growing presence and leadership in the fast-growing nanotechnology sector. Now, two more institutions of higher education are providing a significant boost to nano statewide.

Useful Nanotechnology Links

National Nanotechnology Initiative -- Serves as the central point of communication, cooperation, and collaboration for all Federal agencies engaged in nanotechnology research.

NanoWerk -- Includes a nanomaterials database as well as several valuable links and resources

The Nanoethics Group -- Discussing the ethical and societal implications of nanotechnology

Nano Techwire -- An excellent clearinghouse of international news of nanotechnology

Official Announcement: Principles for Nanotechnology Environmental, Health and Safety Oversight

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