The Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center (the Center) has defined a unique value proposition for our diverse group of clients; Researchers, Companies, and Investors, which differentiates the Center from other economic development organizations. This value proposition uses the Center’s balanced and integrated combination of services and support to maximize the probability of success of a new company or new product development effort. These services are as follows:

Partnerships: The Center has established partnerships with a wide range of university researchers, small and established companies, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create, support, and accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies and new product concepts using nanotechnology.

The Center encourages a free exchange of ideas which match emerging research in nanotechnology with new product or process ideas which have a market need (commercial or defense).

To achieve our goal, the Center invites researchers and business individuals to submit ideas to the Center of the purposes of finding a partner. This is a free service for all researchers and companies located in Pennsylvania. For those outside Pennsylvania, there is a nominal fee. All submissions to the Center will be distributed to the members of the Center's consortium.

If the submitter requests the Center will provide contact information for those parties wishing to discuss a potential partnership. If so, the Center will provide that contact information. The parties then may proceed without the Center's involvement in discussing a potential partnership under appropriate confidentiality agreements.

Please Note: The Center is not responsible for releasing confidential information provided to the Center. Therefore, all submitter must ensure that all submission to the Center do not contain confidential or proprietary information on technology, markets, business contacts, products or any other relevant sensitive information.

For Researchers:
University and company researchers are encouraged to submit a nanotechnology which they believe is a unique new approach, process or significant improvement of existing research.

For New Product Concepts:
For companies or entrepreneurs who have a new product idea which requires a new technology or advancement of existing research, they may submit this idea, to the Center with a request to help find a research solution.

Use this "Technology Brief" template to submit your idea.

Investment: The Center holds "Request for Proposals" for formal proposal submission. Interested parties are encouraged to monitor the Center’s web site for announcements on upcoming invitations for proposals. Formal proposals are reviewed by the Center’s Technical Advisory Committee. Each proposal review follows the Center’s proven review process using a scoring formula aligned with the main proposal criteria.

Project Management: Winning proposals are awarded grants by the Center to assist the company in developing its technology into a working prototype. The projects are typically for 12 months and utilize the Center’s unique customized project plans, which balance technology development milestones with commercialization milestones. All organizations which have completed a commercialization project with the Center become portfolio organizations. During and after project completion, the portfolio organization has the opportunity to market themselves via the Center’s web site, joint press releases, and “Showcase Days” at the Center’s funding partner, Air Force Research Labs in Dayton, Ohio.

"As a result of the expertise and deep networks that have been established by the Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center, nanoGriptech plans to design, manufacture and market nanoGriptech products from the Pittsburgh region. He wants to stick close to where the critical mass is, not unlike a gecko that will stick to a pane of window glass on a sunny day."

Dr. Metin Sitti
Founder and CEO, nanoGriptech
Nano Center Impact